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The aircraft flew in May 1975 and was powered by a Volkswagen engine modified for use in aircraft. Three months later, the VariEze appeared at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Convention and Fly-In held at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in August 1975. Don and Julia Downey call what followed the "Rutan Revolution."
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A stretched-out descendant of the VariEze (get it?), the Long-EZ was Rutan’s best-selling design. The forward airfoil, known as a canard, is a signature Rutan design element. It improves stall characteristics and helps with efficiency; the Long-EZ has a range of 2,000 miles.
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About Rutan VariEze. This 1988 Rutan VariEze aircraft for in France is 1 of 1 similar aircraft currently available on GlobalPlaneSearch. This aircraft is listed for $41,580, the average historical price for aircraft like this is $19,255.
Does anyone have the dimensions (or better yet, a scaled 3-view or cad file) of the VariEze cockpit, or any similar designs for a single seat pusher that's willing to compromise a bit of pilot comfort for low cross-sectional area? I'm trying to get a sense of what dimensions are reasonable for... Aircraft photo of VH-DED - Rutan 31 VariEze, taken by David Tanner (via Daniel Tanner) at Mangalore (YMNG) in Victoria, Australia on 30 March 1986 during the Mangalore Air Show 1986.
Varieze Cockpit View. The fuel system consists of two wing tanks and a fuselage tank which are all equipped with visual sight gauges. Each wing tank holds 12 gallons of fuel with the fuselage tank holding 2.5 gallons. Inside the plane the fuel handle is located right on the arm rest near the stick.This year’s winner was no surprise to anyone who follows aircraft efficiency efforts. Klaus Savier flew two people in his highly modified VariEze, averaging 45mpg while completing the course at ... The Rutan VariEze is a single-engine homebuilt aircraft manufactured by Rutan Aircraft Factory. Over 400 have been made and it has relatively high performance for a civilian aircraft. History Design work on the VariEze began in 1974, with the first prototype (known as Rutan Model 31) first flying on May 21st, 1975. After recieving a positive response at the Oshkosh Airshow, the aircraft was ...
Beautiful Rutan Varieze restoration project and former Reno Air Racer! Will need finishing work, rigging, installation of instruments and engine accessories installed. Ignition, exhaust and carb left to purchase along with a few other minor misc. items. Freshly painted with the exception of the canopy and cockpit. Mustang Aeronautics, Inc. · 1990 Heide Dr · Troy, MI 48084 Phone: (248) 649-6818 · Fax: (248) 688-9275. Office Hours 10am - 6:30pm Eastern Time
Aug 20, 2020 · I posted about Rutan Variezes of New Zealand back in May 2013 and at the end of that post I wrote "It may be that there is another Varieze or Longeze out there still being constructed". And that came to pass earlier this year when John Ten Have of Twizel registered his Varieze ZK-SHH 2 (c/n 1823) on 15/6/20. Whether you need an aircraft dismantled, reassembled, shipped over the road, or containerized for international shipping by sea freight we've got you covered. OUR RECENT PROJECTS 1929 Travel Air Shipped to UK Neel Aviation is an aviation service company centrally locat...
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