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Note This code is for STM32L4, following the same pattern should work for other ones. Also when you flash the image with STM32CubeProgrammer, make sure to check 'Run Application' checkbox, otherwise it tends stay in bootloader mode.
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2018.03.08, STM32L4 SeriesSTM32L4 series of ultra-low-power MCUsST has built a new architecture to reach best-in-class ultra-low-power figures thanks to its high flexibility. STM32L4 MCUs have scored 253 in the standardized EEMBC™ ULPBench®tests that compare the efficiency of ultra-low-power microcontrollers. Moreover, the STM32L4 series shatters performance limits in the ultra-l..,
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STM32L4, STM32L4+ and STM32G4 Series microcontrollers Introduction Software providers are developing complex middleware solutions known as IP (intellectual propriety) code, whose protection is a high importance issue for microcontrollers. To respond to this important requirement, STM32L4, STM32L4+ and STM32G4 Series Run an algorithm on the target given.. This routine is a wrapper for target->type->run_algorithm. Run an algorithm on the target given.. Note that some targets may need to set up, enable, and tear down a breakpoint (hard or * soft) to detect algorithm termination, while others may support lower overhead schemes where soft breakpoints embedded in the algorithm automatically terminate the algorithm.
STM32L4四线串行外设接口模块(QSPI)介绍 ... BK1_IO2 BK1_IO3 BK1_nCS AHB CLK Q0/SI Q1/SO Q2/nWP Q3/nHOLD nCS Dual-quad mode ? Access two flashes in parrallel ...
STM32L4+ Series Ultra-low-power and more ... • 20 nA in shutdown mode • 2.5 µA in stop mode with full SRAM and peripheral states retention and with 4 µs 本帖最后由 Aladdin-Wang 于 2020-5-28 17:03 编辑 . STM32L4 移植 PM STM32L4 的低功耗模式简介: STM32L4系列 是 ST 公司推出的一款超低功耗的 Crotex-M4 内核的 MCU,支持多个电源管理模式,其中最低功耗 Shutdown 模式下,待机电流仅 30 nA。
stm32l4 jump to bootloader, Might be not the most elegant solution, because it could be done all in software, but works very reliable (tested on a STM32F4 Discovery board, and on the custom hardware of a client) and you can't forget to reset some timers etc., which the DFU bootloader requires, if you jump to it.
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