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Use Mind Control Crystal to steal his 2 starting taunt minions on turn 2 (turn 3, if Razuvious played The Coin already). This way you have a chance of profiting from a Master Swordsmith's buff. Exploit Necroknight's deathrattle to kill two adjacent minions, ideally Spectral Knight and Spiteful Smith.
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Gurubashi Coin. "One of the lesser Paragons of Power from the Gurubashi Empire."Gurubashi Coin. Item Level 1. "One of the lesser Paragons of Power from the Gurubashi Empire." This item is not available in game.
Gurubashi, Vilebranch, and Witherbark Coins: Gurubashi Coin, Vilebranch Coin, Witherbark Coin Upon the completion of three quests, you can turn in these coins to Vinchaxa for extra reputation. Each turn in gives you 25 Zandalar Tribe reputation and a Zandalar Honor Token that can be used to claim 50 reputation. The coins can be turned in specific sets of three for the following repeatable reputation quests: Gurubashi, Vilebranch, and Witherbark Coins; Sandfury, Skullsplitter, and Bloodscalp Coins; Zulian, Razzashi, and Hakkari Coins; There are nine types of coins: Bloodscalp Coin; Gurubashi Coin; Hakkari Coin; Razzashi Coin; Sandfury Coin; Skullsplitter Coin; Vilebranch Coin After Phase 4 when coins are cheap enough you can level from 58 to 60 in 20 minutes You can turn in the following quests 625 times and you will be exalted with Zandalar Tribe Gurubashi, Vilebranch, and Witherbark Coins
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