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Please see VMWare's guide: Changing the IP address, default gateway, and hostname of the Service Console in ESX. For ESXi, you can do it directly from the console. Press F2 to "customize the server" and then change the management IP there. The restart the management services is done automatically. This can be accomplished without a reboot.
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How to Change IP address on VMWARE ESXi for more video :
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vSphere Replication can be deployed with either IPv4 or IPv6 address. Mixing IP addresses, for example having a single appliance with an IPv4 and an IPv6 address, is not supported. To register as an extension, vSphere Replication relies on the VirtualCenter.FQDN property of the vCenter Server.
Jun 17, 2019 · • vSphere Distributed Switch 5.1 only supports one EtherChannel per vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS). However, vSphere Distributed Switch 5.5 and later supports multiple LAGs. • ESX/ESXi running on a blade system do not require IP Hash load balancing if an EtherChannel exists between the blade chassis and upstream switch.
Changing IP address settings on a VMWare ESXi server without downtime ... Is it possible to change the Gateway IP of an ESXi server without putting it into maintenance mode? ... Even if the change ...Sep 24, 2016 · The ESXi/ESX hosts disconnect because they store the IP address of the vCenter Server in configuration files on each of the individual servers. This incorrect address continues to be used for heartbeat packets to vCenter Server. There are two methods to get the ESXi/ESX hosts connected again. The best way would be a physical screen and monitor (what I will use), KVM or IPMI (set a static address or else keep in mind the IP address of IPMI may be out of range once you change once you begin to work with the new address range.).This is because you will need to access pfSense, change your ESXi IP to get an address etc.
To change the IP address changes in the ESXi Hosts we need to manually edit the vpxa.cfg file located in the /etc/vmware/vpxa location otherwise remove the ESXi Hosts from the inventory and re-adding is requiredvicfg-cfgbackup –server=ESXi_host_IP_address –username=root -l backup_file In our particular example, the command is: vicfg-cfgbackup –server= –username=root -l /backup/192-168-101-208-esxi-cfg.tgz
Once Terraform has finished bringing the hosts online, change your directory to DetectionLab/ESXi/Ansible (1 Minute) Edit DetectionLab/ESXi/Ansible/inventory.yml and replace the IP Addresses with the respective IP Addresses of your ESXi VMs. These IP addresses much be reachable from your host machine!
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